North Coast Ceramics

About us

North Coast Ceramics has been operating for 20 years. We started as a small collective, operating in the picturesque township of Uki in Northern New South Wales ­ known for its quality arts and crafts. Over the years the studio has passed through a number of transformations. In the first 7 years of its existence ­ as a co­operative, it was well known for producing quality domestic ware and fine individually designed art pieces.

Each member of the co­operative was responsible for designing, throwing, glazing and firing their own work. A gallery director was employed to look after the gallery and all aspects of marketing.

As the reputation of the studio grew nationally, and production expanded to meet demand, the structure of the business changed to its present form. Kim Hayward bought the business and moved into larger premises in Murwillumbah. The production staff increased and currently includes a production manager, 2 full time ceramic designers and 6 production potters.

North Coast Ceramics has a wide range of products to meet the needs of clients both nationally and internationally. The studio produces exquisite one off sculptural pieces for the individual and corporate collector. Commissions make up approximately 40% of this work. These pieces can be found in board rooms, international hotels and private homes as far away as the US and Germany. North Coast Ceramics also produce unique, individually designed domestic ware, including full dinner sets and ovenware.

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