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Some Designs I Have Created

Neon Logo

Voltz Neon Logo

Created In Adobe Illustrator

Exploding Glass Cube

Exploding Cube

Created In Blender

Glass Ball

Glass Sphere

Created In Blender

Blender In Glass Style

Blender 3D Text

Created In Blender

Electric Text Reveal

Animated 2D Text

Created And Rendered After Effects

Bouncing Glass Ball

Bouncing Glass Ball

Created And Animated With Blender

Cows And Bulls
Cows And Bulls is a guessing game.
Please guess a number between 10 and 99.


One of the digits is correct but in the wrong postion.


One of the digits is correct AND in the correct postion.


No correct digits.

Please Type Your Desired Number To Begin.

Total Guesses: 0

Enter a number between 10 and 99 to Begin

A little About Me

Hi, my name is Jack Thomas, I am currently 16 years of age and also a student at Lismore TAFE studying a Certificate III In Information,Digital Media and Technology Course. Over the last few years of my schooling life I have become a big fan of creating quality websites,vector based images as well as Creating visual effects in various Adobe Programs and much more. I have had a passion for many of the Adobe Programs for a few years now and I intend to get better and improve my knowledege of all these programs in the end of achieving amazing results for potential customers in the future.

My web development first started here at TAFE and it has been an amazing experience, I have learned soo many new ways of developing and adding life to websites in the end to make the user have a better experience.This portfolio is one of many really good websites yet to come so stick around and find out what is still yet to be created. Heres a link to my North Coast Ceramics Website North Coast Ceramics

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